Cancer Educational Software offers conventional, complementary and alternative views and approaches to the treatment of cancer. The software program lists various known factors that initiate or promote cancer, known cancer-causing chemicals, and theories about the development of cancer.

The natural alternatives section lists many famous cancer therapies, including those developed by:
Dr. Breuss  Dr. Budwig  Dr. Clark  Dr. Di Bella  Dr. Gerson  Caisse  Hoxsey  Dr. Krebs
Dr. Naessens  Dr. Rife  Dr. Shamsuddin  Dr. Warburg  Ann Wigmore  etc!

The natural cancer remedies which are discussed include antioxidants, amino acids, hormones, foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and various phytochemicals.
Cancer Edu Software - main menu screenshotCancer Educational Software is a combination of freeware and shareware: the first package of educational text files is completely free.

If you like the program, and want to learn more about chemotherapy and alternative treatments, you can register Cancer Edu Software for full program access for $18.95 CAD.
Please see our Price List for approx. pricing in US Dollars, Euros and UK Pounds.

Registration will remove shareware version limitations, and includes free future software upgrades.

This software does not give any medical advice. It is intended for educational/reference purposes only. For diagnosis and/or prescription in the treatment of Cancer see your qualified health professional.

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Cancer Educational Software can also be obtained as part of the
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Cancer Educational Software is made for educational purposes only.
For diagnosis or prescription in the treatment of cancer see your health professional.

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